don't say a word

I NEED MY TAEYEONNNNNNNNNN. Give me my byuntae please.

She went missing.

If you help me find her, I’ll love you forever.

Lost a midget fun-sized girl. She looks like this.

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★: A peck on the cheek.
☮: A peck on your forehead.
✈: A barrage of kisses all over your face.
☢: Several licks on your ear.
♛: One kiss upon your hand.
✖: A hickey on your neck.
♥: A kiss on your lips.
☠: My fist to your kisser.
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this goes out to all of you disbelievers and taeny is real ok ssh

HIII MY NAME IS BYUNTAEYEON and it would really help if you could pass this around, that way people can reblog/like this so i can pinch people’s butts!!!!!!  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

no but rlly, i need butt friends and don’t worry, i won’t abuse your butt too much. n___n;;

-inserts acceptable gif here because butt gif is not allowed for underaged people-

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